About us

Why lightweight.LIFE?

lightweight.LIFE is a journal of our experiences as we strive to shed our lives of stuff. The ‘stuff’ we’re interested in shedding, is all kinds of limiting beliefs, objects we don’t need, and any liabilities that prevent us from feeling free.

What does a lightweight.LIFE look like?

  • Living and working in line with your values
  • Being present—in the moment—and not in the past or the future
  • Looking at and challenging limiting beliefs
  • Being able to put your attention on experiences rather than money or stuff
  • Not worrying about being different or about what others think
  • Having the freedom and flexibility to say ‘yes’
  • Choosing your own journey, whether or not it’s the ‘prescribed’ one

lightweight.LIFE was created to share our insights with you and to serve as a living journal as we travel through our lightweight life.

By focusing our attention on our key strengths, we bring energy and vitality into our lives. By shedding what fails to serve us, we grow more powerful. We aim to change the world around us by being more ourselves and hope you can join us!

Who are we?

We’re a couple who thrive on change and challenge. Our names are Lyden and Janine.

Lyden and Janine in the Canadian rockies
Somewhere in the Canadian rockies

Lyden is an otter – excitable, curious and playful. He’s a perfectionist like you’ve never known and loves to help people see alternative ways of thinking, doing and being.

Janine is a wild horse – nurturing, loyal and ready to stand fiercely for her values. A leader by example; through empowerment, empathy and deep emotional understanding.

We are the black sheep in our families. We have laughed in the face of their pleads to ‘pick something we’re good at and settle down’. Life just doesn’t work that way for us. Our paths have been winding, despite having common and stable values.

We are explorers.

If we aren’t growing or learning something, we feel stuck and stifled. If you tell us to do something, expect us to come up with our own ideas and help you enhance it.

It’s all about CHOICES which offer us that unbeatable feeling of FREEDOM.

Since we met, we’ve felt our power would more than double if we put our heads together. ‘Helping people’ sounds a bit barfy to us, but when a stranger had the insight that our values are based in humanity and humility – he glimpsed the essence of our future work. It’s an exciting path.

Our journey so far

Between us, we’ve worked in and developed skills in many areas; coaching, health and fitness, IT, web and photography. We have bought property in York, UK, where we currently live, and we got married on Easter Saturday 2017.

What’s next?

In 2017 we are setting our sights high and wide. We’re taking the choice to go part-time in our jobs in order to build a more sustainable, fulfilling and abundant future. This will involve practicing public speaking until we our nerves have disappeared and we are ready to conquer the stage. It will involve re-experiencing that warm feeling when we have empowered you to make that small change which will make a big difference to your life. You may need help clearing your space, solving a problem, or investing in a health drink to re-set your body with good bacteria.

We hope this blog can offer insight and a new perspective for those who share our values of a simple, passion-filled life.

You have more power than you think!

Join us… be a lightweight.

In light and passion,

Lyden & Janine

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