How to apply for your Indian visa AND save money

UK passport

You’ve decided to travel to India. Now all you have to do, is check that the country will let you in. That’s right – it’s not really up to you. They’ll decide whether you’re worthy or not.

They obviously judged us as innocent and were happy to take our cash.

Here’s what we learned along the way, including how you can shave off a chunk of that cash…

From Scotland to India

It’s happening.

In early December 2014, Lyden and I were in our local pub in Derbyshire. We were talking about all the places in the world we’d love to visit. We pondered on how we could afford international travel as a start-up business and keep it running. So long as we live in countries with a low cost of living—and have an internet connection—we can do it. So when can we start?


Words – a path to limitless thinking

Thomas Edison holds a lightbulb

Are you limitless?

If not, how would it feel to be limitless?

Don’t worry, you aren’t reading cult material encouraging you to jump off a building to be saved by Jesus. We’re breaking down barriers with the aim of being more lightweight in mind.

This blog post takes a look at how words can either help us become limitless, or shut us inside a box. First, let’s understand more about ‘limited’ and ‘limit-less’ thinking…