A house sitting adventure – Derbyshire to Ayrshire

A beautiful small holding, large driveway and a valley beyond

It’s the last day of March. I sit in the upstairs lounge as wind and snow whips around the house. I say house – but who has a full-size sauna in their house?

I wrote my last post from Derby, noting our upcoming adventure to Scotland. Now we’re here, and a few of you have been asking how we’re getting on. So here it is; a wee insight into our fleeting Scottish fling.

Firstly, let me give you a brief summary of our journey from Breaston to Darvel…

Can you live without a car?

A Ford Fusion parked on a sunny road

It’s simple really—shedding things—I just had no idea we’d go this far…

Faced with the difficulty of providing a fixed address, our nomadic lifestyle forced us to evaluate owning a car. We sold it and now travel by foot, bike, train, and bus.

Is this something you’d consider?