How I lost my zen crossing the road in India

Road sign says 'Wear helmet', and many road users on bikes without a helmet

It was 10 days into our India trip before I said the f-word.

I muttered ‘oh my god’ and ‘shit’ in disbelief a few times, and glared at Lyden with wide eyes—speechless—many more. In these moments, I held onto the auto rickshaw a bit tighter; walked further into the road to avoid deathly potholes; or tried not to breathe in so much.

Nevertheless, I continued to bounce around like an eager tourist, thirsty to find out why so many people fall in love with this country. On day 10 I lost my zen…

Words – a path to limitless thinking

Thomas Edison holds a lightbulb

Are you limitless?

If not, how would it feel to be limitless?

Don’t worry, you aren’t reading cult material encouraging you to jump off a building to be saved by Jesus. We’re breaking down barriers with the aim of being more lightweight in mind.

This blog post takes a look at how words can either help us become limitless, or shut us inside a box. First, let’s understand more about ‘limited’ and ‘limit-less’ thinking…

How not speaking your mind ruins relationships – and how to change

Janine smiling as she bites into pizza

I was no shrinking violet. I have a strong sense of self belief, yet developed a habit of watching others get what they wanted without voicing my own needs and desires. No matter what I sacrificed, I told myself I was OK. I wanted others to be happy and to get what they needed – and this was genuine.

But this self sacrifice wasn’t a wise choice…