The lightweight life dance challenge

By 6th July 2015LIFESTYLE

Would you like to feel more lightweight and fun? If so, how do you fancy joining me on a 30 day dance challenge?

Sometimes I feel far too serious. I get caught up with what needs to be done and forget to enjoy where I am and what I’m doing. Ferris Bueller put it so wisely…

Becoming more playful

I’ve put ‘playfulness and fun’ higher up on my list of values—but how can I achieve this?

There are many ways I can build playfulness into my life, but here are a few ideas to start:

  • share funny stories with friends and family
  • seeking entertainment that is light-hearted and has a ‘feel-good’ factor
  • drawing cartoons
  • playing well-meaning pranks
  • moving around in a humorous way

And some suggestions from Lyden:

  • act like a sniffer dog in your significant other’s ear (kids love this too!)
  • offer a piggy back to somebody
  • perform a lunge (hands on hips) to impress your spouse
  • serve dinner on the plate in a ludicrous way – maybe a face?

All these things would bring my attention to the present; help me to enjoy the moment; and to have fun and be cheerful more of the time.

The dance challenge

I’m going to give myself permission to do a few minutes of silly, unstructured dancing every day. I’ll keep going for the duration of at least one song. This isn’t for an audience or to put on a show, but simply for the sake of feeling playful and fun.

I’ll do this for 30 days, and stick to it no matter where I am or what I’m doing that day. I’ll also stick to it if I’m feeling reluctant or have thought up a creative excuse.

Day 1

Just a few minutes today made me feel powerful and happy! Here’s the song I chose today. You can’t beat a bit of Queen…

Join in!

If you have any suggestions for songs which make you feel like dancing, please share and I’ll add them to my list. I’ll keep a log of how I get on and post back in a month.

If you’d like to join in the lightweight light dance challenge, please do – and keep me informed!


  • Suzie says:

    I like running to Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ – it makes me take the exercise less seriously and so I can just enjoy lolliping along the street.

    My friend is on a boring elearning course today, so I’m Whatsapping her really ridiculous pictures of things like dogs eating ice creams.

    Me and my partner do silly dances for each other most days if a good song comes on the radio. Making up fake silly song lyrics to go with them increases the fun factor too!

    Enjoy your dancing!

    • Janine says:

      Thanks Suzie – I love it!

      I love funny animal pics and videos too. Did you see the one where a squirrel was trying to bury an acorn in a dogs fur?!

  • Rocco says:

    Abba, Take a chance on me
    The banana split song
    The bee gees, You should be dancing
    Candi Staton, You go the love
    Diana Ross, Chain reaction
    Erasure, Love to hate you
    Franz Ferdinand, Take me out
    Gloria gaynor, I will survive
    Human League, Don’t you want me baby
    Inxs, Need you tonight
    Jackson 5, ABC
    Lips inc, Funkytown
    Madonna, Like a virgin
    Neil Sedaka, Happy birthday sweet sixteen
    OMD, Enola gay
    Patrick Hernandez, Born to be alive
    Rod Stewart, Babe Jane
    Scissor sisters, I don’t feel like dancin
    T Rex, Jeepster
    U2, elevation
    Visage, Fade to grey
    Whitney Houston, I wanna dance with somebody
    XTC, Generals and majors
    Yazoo, Dont go
    ZZ Top, Gimme all your lovin

    Phew, needed help to remember some of the more obscure songs

    But there you go, you can dance to all of them (depends on your dance style)

    Keep on dancin 🙂

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