From Scotland to India

By 25th April 2015TRAVEL

It’s happening.

In early December 2014, Lyden and I were in our local pub in Derbyshire. We were talking about all the places in the world we’d love to visit. We pondered on how we could afford international travel as a start-up business—and keep it running. We figured that, as long as we live in countries with a low cost of living—and have an internet connection—we can do it. Great, so when can we start?


Well… not now, but after the end of our current house sit in the spring. Lyden has the words ‘Carpe Diem’ tattooed across his torso. If you’ve watched Good Will Hunting, you’ll know this is Latin for ‘seize the day’. “Why not?” he asked.

I felt cautiously excited by the idea. I have learned over time that jumping into life experiences—for all their beauty and challenge—is more rewarding than shying away. We shook on it there and then – “It’s decided. We’re going to India in May”.

We had no idea how, but we would make it happen.

Where we are now

Currently, we are enjoying a two month house sit in Scotland. We are in a gorgeous house with amazing valley views and two adorable cats. You can read more about our move to Ayrshire.

Two weeks after we arrived, we had a Skype chat with a lady in need of reliable house sitters. She works in education, so will be away from her apartment for the 7 week summer break. We nailed the ‘interview’, and it became a reality. We’re going to look after a bunny rabbit – in Chennai!

We have 3 weeks until our Indian adventure. We’re planning furiously as well as working on client projects for our copywriting business. It’s all go.

Come what May

Did I tell you that May is the hottest month of the year in India?

We didn’t know this when we made our agreement on that freezing December day. I have freckles and Lyden is blond. As pasty skinned westerners we are naturally concerned about how we’ll manage. We are cold much of the time in Scotland, but are attempting to acclimatise in the sauna. When it reaches 40°C (104°F)—the daily temperature in South India when we’ll arrive—we are dripping with sweat.

Oh lord. This is going to be tough. Not to mention the cultural shock which is going to slap us in the face.

From Scotland to India – join us on our journey!

We’ll share tips on what we are learning as we plan and travel. We’ll share how we have saved money and lost money; what we have survived and what we have suffered; what we’ve loved and what we’ve hated. If you’re planning a similar trip – avoid our mistakes, or simply laugh at us from the comfort of your sofa.

Please share your insights and encouragement along the way in the comments, we’d love to have you alongside us.

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  • Rocco says:

    Well goodness gracious me, sorry couldn’t resist 🙂

    This sounds awesome, it’s amazing you managed to get a house sit in India absolutely brilliant.

    You’re doing the right thing and do it while you can. Look on the bright side and remember every cloud has a sliver lining.

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (one day you will look like Wolverine) but very soon you will be stronger than all of us put together.

    • Janine says:

      Well, we’ll certainly see how strong our stomachs are when we get some Indian food down us!

      Lyden aspires to look and feel as powerful as Wolverine. I’m going for the Wonder Woman look myself 🙂

  • Rocco says:

    Forgot to mention, but for your travels keep these words in your mind…

    “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day”

  • Mary says:

    bet this adventure is gonna be awesome…looking forward to following your blog every step of the way!

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